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EoTech Beamhit Interactive Dry Fire System

EoTech Beamhit Interactive Dry Fire System
EoTech Beamhit Interactive Dry Fire System
In stock
Price: $299.95

The 110 Interactive Dry Fire System is a self-contained portable electronic dry fire marksmanship trainer that utilizes the Beamhit® TR700 target and LS-101 Laser Transmitter for effective training with your own firearm, indoors or outdoors. The use of this system will improve speed and accuracy in marksmanship drills and shot placement on the target under time constraints. -The TR700 Target provides the shooter with instant visual and audible feedback of laser target hits with the LED hit counter and beeper. Included are 3 scaled target masks for the TR700 target to vary the difficulty of engagement. The target has a timer that allows you to set a time limit during which the target will detect and count the hits. The target is powered by four AA batteries or an AC power adapter (sold separately). -The LS-101 Laser has both pulse and constant ON modes and is adjustable so the point of impact equals the point of aim. The included rods will accommodate firearms in all calibers from .22 to.45. This laser requires 3 L1154 1.5V batteries for operation (included). -Accessories are available to link targets, clear the hit counter at a distance, and expand the capabilities of this system with various target masks.

Model: MDM1001
Manufacturer: EOTech
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