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Springfield M1903 Bolt Action Rifle in .30-06 SPRG Black - Pre-Owned

Springfield M1903 Bolt Action Rifle in .30-06 SPRG Black - Pre-Owned
Springfield M1903 Bolt Action Rifle in .30-06 SPRG Black - Pre-Owned
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Price: $2,500.00

Springfield M1903 Bolt Action Rifle in .30-06 SPRG Black - Pre-Owned


From Wikipedia:

The M1903 Springfield is an American five-round, magazine fed, bolt-action service repeating rifle, used primarily during the first half of the 20th century.

It was officially adopted as a United States military bolt-action rifle on June 19 1903, and saw service in WWI.  It was officially replaced as the standard infantry rifle by the faster-firing semi-automatic eight-round M1 Garand starting in 1936.  However, the M1903 Springfield remained in service as a standard issue infantry rifle during WWII, since the US entered the war without sufficient M1 rifles to arm all troops.  It also remained in service as a sniper rifle during WWII, the Korean War, and even in the early stages of the Vietnam War.  It remains popular as a civilian firearm, historical collector’s piece, and as a military drill rifle.


Receiver manufactured 1913 & barrel Jan 1909. The barrel is marked with "AV", which means it is an Avis barrel. This is a very nice WW I rifle and would be a great addition to any collection.


Manufacturer: US Springfield Armory

Model / Generation: M1903

Mfg UPC: N/A

Mfg Part Number: E1542

Date of Mfg: 1913

Caliber: .30-06

Type of Action: Bolt Action

Barrel Length: 24 inches

Type of Sights: Original 1903 Rear sight with 5 apertures

Types of Optics: N/A

Type of Grips: Wood

Finish: Blued

Material: Steel

Colors: Black

Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds

Accessories Included: Cotton sling

Special Features: N/A

Condition: FINE- all original parts; over 30% original finish; sharp lettering, numerals and design on metal and wood; minor marks in wood, good bore.


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Inventory Number: E1542


Model: 1903
Manufacturer: Springfield
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