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Carcano Youth in 6.5 Carcano Bolt Action Rifle - Used

Carcano Youth in 6.5 Carcano Bolt Action Rifle - Used
Carcano Youth in 6.5 Carcano Bolt Action Rifle - Used
In stock
Price: $399.95

Rare miniature Carcano Model 91 Italian Youth Carbine (ITC). This carbine has no import markings. The Youth Carbine is almost identical but a scaled-down version of the standard Model 91 Carbine with folding bayonet. This IYC is marked 1934 XII; F.N.A Brescia. In addition, the ONB crest is marked on top of the receiver. Markings on stock match the barrel. Used. Inventory#: E1572. From the internet: The IYC was used for drill training only, since only blank ammunition was made for them, and the top of the bayonet was dulled. It is believed that about 30,000 of these small Carcano carbines were made between 1930 and 1940. American servicemen in Italy during WWII took a number of these carbines home, but they're quite scarce today. The official Italian designation for the Youth Carbine is Moschetto Regolomentare Ballila Modelo 1891 Ridutto. Translated, this means 'Ballila Regulation Musket Model 1891 Reduced.' 'Ballio' was the name of the Italian Fascist Youth Party. The action of the IYC is a regular little gem, and just over half the weight of the regular M91 and M38 Carcano actions. In every detail it is similar to the larger action. It's doubtful it is made of good enough steel to be used with a modern cartridge; otherwise this miniature action would be just the right size for the .222 Remington

Model: YOUTH
Manufacturer: Carcano
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