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Nambu Type A in 8 MM Semi Auto Pistol - Used

Nambu Type A in 8 MM Semi Auto Pistol - Used
Nambu Type A in 8 MM Semi Auto Pistol - Used
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Price: $499.00

Nambu Model Type A in 8 MM Semi Auto Pistol. This pre-WWII Japanese Nambu Type A Model 1902 (Papa) in 8x22mm Nambu caliber Semi-Auto Pistol was a WWII trophy from the battle on Okinawa, brought back to the States by USMC Lt. Donald A. Doyle who was the youngest USMC Sergeant in WWII at age 17. The Type A looks similar to the Luger P08 but functions like a Mauser C96 using recoil-spring action. Features a blued steel finish; recoil-spring action; 4.61" barrel; 8+1 rd. capacity (1 aluminum bottom magazine included); blade front & notched rear sights; thumb safety; button magazine release; and ribbed wood grips. The SN matches on frame and magazine. Condition grades at 65% wear consistent with age. Used with modified 'trench art' leather holster. Inventory#: D6995. From the internet, "The Type A pistol was designed by Kijiro Nambu and saw extensive service during the Russo-Japanese War, Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. The Type A was made in very small numbers. Type A Modified and Type B Nambu were never formally adopted by any branch of the armed forces of Imperial Japan but were sold to officers through officer stores. The original Nambu was the Type A, designed by General Kijiro Nambu in 1902. The Type A had two basic variants with the first group of Nambu produced between 1903 and 1906 were different than those produced after 1906. Among collectors, the original Nambu are commonly referred to as Grandpa Nambu. The Grandpa Type A was produced until around serial number 2400. Both the Tokyo Arsenal and Tokyo Gas and Electric Company ceased production on the Type A Nambu in 1923. The Nambu Type A outwardly resembles the Luger P08 pistol but functionally is more similar to the Mauser C96. Grandpa Type A Nambu has multiple variances from the later Type A Modified. The Type A Modified, commonly referred to as Papa Nambu, were produced at the Tokyo Arsenal until the 7000 serial number range. The trigger guard of the Grandpa Type A Nambu was considered extremely cramped especially when wearing gloves and were enlarged in later produced models. The Grandpa Nambu also had a wooden bottom magazine and welded lanyard loops. Papa Nambu had aluminum bottomed magazines with lanyard loops retained in rings. Both the Grandpa and Papa type Nambu may have the Siamese juk symbol stamped on the rear grip indicating service in Thailand before World War II." Tag Words: Firearm, Collectible, Military, Japan, 8mm, 8x22mm Nambu

Model: TYPEA
Manufacturer: Nambu
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