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Mass Arms Smith's Carbine in 50 Cal Single Shot Rifle - Antique

Mass Arms Smith's Carbine in 50 Cal Single Shot Rifle - Antique
Mass Arms Smith's Carbine in 50 Cal Single Shot Rifle - Antique
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Price: $3,200.00

Mass Arms Model Smith's Carbine in 50 Cal Single Shot Rifle. This is an excellent condition and all original Civil War Smith Carbine. This Carbine was manufactured by the Massachusetts Arms Company located in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. Approximately 30,000 Smith Carbines were manufactured during the war and this is one of the earliest made. This Carbine is .50 caliber percussion. The US Government had almost exclusive use of the Smith Carbine production during the war and assigned serial numbers to the various manufacturers. The left side of the receiver, stamped vertically, is "ADDRESS / POULTNEY & TRIMBLE / BALTIMORE, U.S.A." Below the address line is stamped vertically, just behind the sling ring bar, "SMITH'S PATENT / JUNE 23 1857." Towards the front left side of the receiver, stamped vertically, is "MANUFACTURED BY / MASS ARMS CO. / CHICOPEE FALLS." The stampings are all clear. The receiver still retains areas of original case colors and has a pleasing brown patina throughout. The breech area also still has some original case colors and the barrel still retains areas of the original blue finish with the balance turning brown along its entire length. The original brazed front sight base and brass front sight blade is present. The original adjustable rear sight is also present and the elevation bar still moves throughout the length of the rear sight leaf. The bore still has strong rifling present. The breech area has evidence of firing use but was relatively well maintained. The original hammer shows small areas of original case colors The original black walnut stocks are in excellent condition with no chips and only small dings and match perfectly. The original barrel band is present and has largely turned a brown color. The original butt plate is also present. The original brass disconnector in front of the trigger is present and the connection arm still works as it should although it has worn over time and is not as tight in battery as it once was. Overall, this is a simply superb Civil War Smith Carbine and would stand out in any collection by itself. The Smith Carbine was a 0.50 caliber breech-loading rifle patented by Gilbert Smith on June 23, 1857 and successfully completed the Military Trials of the late 1850s. It was used by various cavalry units during the American Civil War. The Smith Carbine was unique in that it broke apart in the middle for loading and it used rubber cartridges which sealed the gases in the breech. The downside was that these cartridges were difficult to remove.

Manufacturer: MASS ARMS CO
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