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Schilling Suhl KAR 88 in 7.92MM Bolt Action Rifle - Used

Schilling Suhl KAR 88 in 7.92MM Bolt Action Rifle - Used
Schilling Suhl KAR 88 in 7.92MM Bolt Action Rifle - Used
In stock
Price: $695.00

Schilling Suhl KAR 88 in 7.92 MM Caliber or 8mm Caliber Bolt Action Carbine in great condition for the age! The bolt, barrel and receiver have matching numbers. The metal finish shows in the white with a faint shade of bluing. The stock has a brass plate at the rear by the cheek area, it appears to be a id plate but has no information on it. From Wikipedia: The Gewehr 88 is in essence a Mannlicher design, though it is sometimescalled a "Model 88 Mauser". It has a receiver with a "split bridge" (i.e., the bolt passes through the receiver and locks in front of the rear bridge); a rotating bolt head; and the characteristic Mannlicher-style "packet loading" or "en-bloc" system in which cartridges are loaded into a steel carrier (a charger clip) which is inserted into the magazine, where it holds the cartridges in alignment over a spring. As shots are fired the clip remains in place until the last round is chambered, at which point it drops through a hole in the bottom of the rifle. This system was used in almost all Mannlicher designs and derivatives, and while it allows for speedy reloading, it also creates an entry point for dirt. To settle a patent infringement claim by Steyr-Mannlicher, Germany contracted the Austro-Hungarian company to be one of the manufacturers of Gewehr 88s. Inventory #E2230

Model: KAR 88
Manufacturer: Schilling Suhl
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