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Smith & Wesson 500 in 500 S&W Double Action Revolver - Unfired


S&W 500 SA/DA Revolver in .500 S&W Magnum- Unfired


The S&W 500 Revolver is an outstanding hunting revolver built from the ground up to be reliable, durable, and very accurate. The S&W 500 is truly a innovative revolver incorporating the new S&W X-Frame to give shooters a more stable platform to easily handle the hard hitting powerhouse .500 S&W Magnum. With the removable high efficiency compensator and HiViz Sight you be able to accurately take game with a revolver, at greater distances, than ever before. For hunters and those that reside where bear attacks are a surreal prospect the S&W 500 is vital for you. If you want the most powerful production hunting revolver the S&W 500 is it.



Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson

Model / Generation: 500

Mfg UPC: 022188635010

Mfg Part Number: 163501

Date of Mfg: N/A

Caliber: .500 S&W Magnum

Type of Action: Single Action / Double Action

Barrel Length: 8.38”

Front Sight: Red HVIz Fiber Optic

Rear Sight: Adjustable

Types of Optics: N/A

Type of Grips: Rosewood, Walnut, and the original Rubber grips

Finish: Satin Stainless

Material: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver

Ammo Capacity: 5

Accessories Included: Original case, 3 sets of grips manual

Special Features: N/A

Condition: PERFECT- In New condition in every respect.


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Inventory Number: E5416


Model: 500
Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson 500 in 500 S&W Double Action Revolver - Unfired
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Price: $1,199.95

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