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Saiga Ak in 223 Semi Auto Rifle  - Used

Saiga Ak in 223 Semi Auto Rifle - Used


Saiga AK Semi Auto Rifle in .223 Remington

This AK style rifle is chambered in .223 REM. It comes equipped with a scope, bipod, and small accessory rails on the left and right side. From the internet, "The Saiga semi-automatic rifles are a family of Russian semi-automatic rifles manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash), which also manufactures the original AK-47 and its variants, Saiga-12 shotguns and Dragunov sniper rifle. Saiga rifles are a sport version of the AK-series rifles, and are marketed for hunting and civilian use. They are sometimes referred to as "Saiga Sporters". Named after the Saiga Antelope, the Saiga series of rifles is based on the AK-47 weapon system originally designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The Saiga platform was developed for shooters who wanted the reliability of an AK pattern rifle in a non-military package. Originally designed in the 1970s, the first rifles were chambered for 5.6x39mm. The project was not a huge success and only about 300 rifles of this design were produced. The Saiga was reintroduced in the 1990s and was marketed as a rifle capable of hunting medium-sized game. Improvements were made to the initial design from the 1970s which made the rifle capable of handling more powerful cartridges such as the .308 Winchester/7.62x51mm and the more prevalent .223 Remington/5.56x45mm, 5.45x39mm, and 7.62x39mm calibers. These improvements contributed to the modern line of the Saiga rifles being adopted by many different hunters. The rifle is currently made in the same plant as military AKs, and imported into the United States by Russian American Armory. On July 16, 2014 U.S. President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order banning the importation of Russian-made firearms (which include the Saiga) into the United States in response to Russian military intervention in Ukraine."

Manufacturer: Saiga

Model / Generation: AK

Caliber: .223 REM

Type of Action: Semi-automatic

Barrel Length: 16"

Type of Sights: Iron

Type of Optic: BSA Deerhunter 4x32

Finish: Black

Material: Aluminum, Steel, Synthetic

Colors: Black

Ammo Capacity: 10+1

Accessories Included: Scope, 1 (5rd) magazine

Condition: EXCELLENT- New condition, used but little, no noticeable marring

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Model: AK-47
Manufacturer: Saiga
Saiga Ak in 223 Semi Auto Rifle - Used
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