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Steyr AUG StG 77 Para Semi Auto Rifle in 9mm OD Green - Pre-Owned

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Steyr AUG StG 77 Para Semi Auto Rifle in 9mm OD Green - Pre-Owned


The Steyr AUG is an Austrian 5.56x45mm NATO bullpup battle rifle, designed in the 1960s by Steyr-Daimler-Puch and now manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG.  It was adopted by the Austrian Army as the StG 77 in 1978.  In production since 1978, it is the standard small arm of the Austrian Bundesheer and various national police units.  Its variants have also been adopted by the armed forces of dozens of countries.


Based on the AUG, Steyr developed the 9mm AUG submachine gun variant.  It is an automatic, blowback-operated model that fires from a closed bolt, and is chambered in 9x19 Parabellum.  Unlike the rifle variants, it has a unique 16.5 inch barrel with six right-hand grooves at a 1:9.8 rifling twist rate, ended with a recoil compensator, a slightly different charging handle and a magazine well conversion insert enabling the use of standard 25-round box magazines from the Steyr MPi 81 and TMP submachine guns.  A conversion kit used to transform any rifle variant into the submachine gun is also available.  It consists of a barrel, bolt, adapter insert, and magazine.



Manufacturer: Steyr-Mannlicher

Model / Generation: AUG

Mfg UPC: N/A

Mfg Part Number: StG 77

Date of Mfg: Unk

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum

Type of Action: Semi Auto

Barrel Length: 16.5 inches

Type of Sights: N/A

Types of Optics: Tasco Pro Point dot scope

Type of Grips: Synthetic Green Polymer

Finish: Painted

Material: Steel receiver, Polymer Stock

Colors: OD Green

Ammo Capacity: 25 rounds

Accessories Included: N/A

Special Features: N/A

Condition: EXCELLENT- all original parts; over 80% original finish; sharp lettering, numerals and design on metal and wood; unmarred wood; fine bore.


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Inventory Number: D0115


Model: AUG
Manufacturer: Steyr

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