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Springfield M1A National Match Semi Auto Rifle in 7.62x51 NATO - Pre-Owned

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Springfield M1A National Match Semi Auto Rifle in 7.62x51 NATO – Pre-Owned


From Warbird’s Custom Guns:  “Springfield Armory, Inc M14 Type Rifles – Springfield Armory, Inc. is the oldest and largest commercial manufacturer of M14 type rifles.  The Springfield Armory, Inc. story begins with Mr. Elmer Balance of the L.H. Gun Co. in Devine, Texas. The US Army Springfield Armory had closed down in April, 1968.  So, the name of his company was changed to Springfield Armory, Inc.  The change was a successful marketing strategy.  The receiver design was approved as a Title I firearm under the 1968 Gun Control Act by the Department of the Treasury (March 1974 American Rifleman).  Mr. Balance began selling the Springfield Armory M1A in September 1971.  They were assembled from USGI M14 parts except for the receiver and “certain small action components” according to the March, 1974 American Rifleman.  The Texas company warranteed M1A rifles for one year (March 1974 American Rifleman).  Based on serial number evidence, Mr. Balance built fewer than 3000 rifles using USGI and NM M14 parts.  Some of the machinery and parts purchased by Mr. Balance came from the Harrington & Richardson M14 project.”


From M14forum.com: “Due to financial difficulties, Mr. Balance sold his business to the Reese family in Illinois… in the fall of 1974.  Mr Balance states that a total of 4620 receivers were manufactured before he sold the company to Bob Reese.  The bare receivers, barrels, and other parts left over from the Texas firm were used to start production of the M1A in Illinois.  The serial number transition from Texas to Illinois occurs somewhere between 002700 and 003200.”





Manufacturer: Springfield Armory, Devine Texas

Model / Generation: M1A

Mfg UPC: N/A

Mfg Part Number: N/A

Date of Mfg: 1971-1974

Caliber: 7.62x51mm / .308 Win

Type of Action: Semi Auto

Barrel Length: 22 inches

Type of Sights: National Match hooded peep rear, NM blade front

Types of Optics: N/A

Type of Grips: Fiberglass bedded Walnut

Finish: Parkerized

Material: Steel

Colors: Black

Ammo Capacity: 20

Accessories Included: Leather sling, Leather cheekpiece

Special Features: N/A

Condition: EXCELLENT- all original parts; over 80% original finish; sharp lettering, numerals and design on metal and wood; unmarred wood; fine bore.


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Inventory Number: E2471


Model: M1A
Manufacturer: Springfield

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