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AZFirearms 2018 Calendar


AZFirearms and Gun Freedom Radio have put together a Gun Lovers dream calendar!  This custom calendar features some of the most iconic firearms of our time, modeled in the Patriotic 1950’s "Pin Up" style of yesteryear.  All of these firearms are available at AZFirearms.com (see below for a complete list).  Vintage style photos were done by the one and only VictoryFotos.com.  If you love America and are a gun enthusiast this calendar is a MUST have!

 Only $8.00 online with FREE Shipping.

Firearms featured in the calendar:

January: Colt Custom 1911 Semi Auto Pistol in 45ACP

February: Kimber Micro Bel Air Semi Auto Pistol in .380 ACP

March: 1928 Thompson Machine Gun in 45 ACP

April: Barrett MRAD in 338 Lapua Bolt Action Rifle

May: L.W. Seecamp Semi Auto Pistol in .32 ACP

June: Thunder Valley Gatling Gun in 45-70 gov’t and 1891 Colt Single Action Army

July: Colt M2 in 50 BMG Machine Gun

August: Heckler & Koch SP89 in 9 MM Semi Auto Pistol

September: Browning o/u 12gauge Shotgun

October: M18  57mm Firestone U.S.A. Recoilless Rifle

November: M1 Garand Rifle 30-06

H&R M-4 Survival Military Rifle

1917 Colt Revolver

WWII Remington 1911 Pistol

December: Weatherby Vanguard in 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle

Models: Shannie Shortcake, Alexis Bishop, Brenna Bishop, Katie Bishop, Megan Olson

Model: 2018 CALENDAR
Manufacturer: AZFirearms
AZFirearms 2018 Calendar
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Price: $8.00

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