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Springfield 1899 in 30-40- Krag Bolt Action Rifle - Used

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Springfield Armory Model 1899 Bolt Action Rifle in .30-40 Pre-Owned


Based on the Danish Krag-Jorgensen and manufactured by Springfield Armory, the Krag features a horizontal box magazine and loading gate on the right side of the action/receiver that enabled it to be loaded and unloaded with the bolt open or closed. Like many of the other repeating military rifles of the era, the Krag was fitted with a magazine cut-off that permitted it to function as a single-loader with the magazine held “in reserve” as required. The bolt locked by means of a single lug at the front. While not the strongest of actions, it was satisfactory given the pressures generated by the .30-cal. smokeless-powder cartridge. Bolt operation was exceptionally smooth, and the Krag soon gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the slickest bolt-action rifles of all time.




Manufacturer: Springfield Armory

Model / Generation: 1899

Mfg UPC: N/A

Mfg Part Number: N/A

Date of Mfg: 1900

Caliber: 30-40

Type of Action: Bolt Action

Barrel Length: 22”

Type of Sights: Front Blade Sight, Rear Ladder Sight

Types of Optics: N/A

Type of Grips: N/A

Finish: Blued

Material: Hardwood Stock, Steel Barrel

Colors: N/A

Ammo Capacity: 1

Accessories Included: N/A

Special Features:

Condition: Very Good


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Inventory Number: E4636


Model: 1899
Manufacturer: Springfield

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