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Web Sales & Transfer Agent

Job Description

Are you passionate about firearms? Do you have a knowledge and interest in a wide variety of firearms? In your free time do you find yourself reading about the history of firearms, and the velocity of different ammunition? Is your idea of accessorizing, picking out just the right conceal gun for each outfit? Does your description of a perfect weekend include some range time? Do your Facebook and Twitter accounts look like a couple of All-Guns-All-The-Time newsfeeds?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you sound like a good fit for our Team! AZFirearms.com is a small, family owned and operated, gun shop in Avondale, AZ, with a huge nationwide online presence. We are looking for someone to help on our web sales desk and act as a transfer agent, who will require very little training, and can help us continue to grow the AZFirearms.com brand into a household name. We pride ourselves in being able to appeal to the entire spectrum from the most experienced gun owner, to people who have never even touched a firearm before, and everything in between. We are looking for someone with a teacher's-spirit, and a desire to serve and solve. If this still sounds like you, read on...

What Are We Looking For?

Online catalog development and production: you must be excellent with the written word and keyword descriptors, as you will be writing the description of a wide variety of diverse gun-related items to appeal to buyers, as well as help build our online presence via SEO.

Nationwide customer service and buyer consultant: you must have exceptional communication skills, and convey a friendly and energetic presence that is eager to serve and solve.

We serve hunters, sports shooters, collectors, military, and law enforcement, so a broad base of knowledge and experience is important.

Previous experience with selling via a firearms web-store.

Familiarity with the process and legalities of selling firearms online as well as the ATF Form 4473.

Since we pride ourselves on service, excellent customer service skills are imperative.

Since we serve a broad base of first time, and the growing market of female gun owners, a friendly and approachable demeanor is a must.

Having superior communication skills are important to helping understand customers' needs and fitting each person with the appropriate tool for the job, as well as aiding customers in navigating the online store and shopping cart.

Clear and legible handwriting skills are needed for handwritten forms.

The majority of your work will be done on a computer, so you will need to have excellent computer skills. Communication between Team Members is something we highly value, so you must have text and email capabilities. Ability to work within a cohesive team atmosphere. We enjoy being a social group off-hours, and are not looking for the Lone Ranger.

Knowledge of who we are and what we stand for, our culture is rich and we value it.

Appreciation of who our sponsors are - our customers come in simply because our sponsors trust us, so it is imperative to be able to relate to those customers.

We place a high value on flexibility, and occasionally attend off-site gun shows, therefore your ability & willingness to work Saturdays and Gun Shows is important.

And, of course, you must have reliable transportation, the ability to work for $10.50-$12 per hour with no benefits, and maintain a professional appearance are all important factors as well.

What You Will Be Doing Here

Serving online customers from across the nation, helping them to find the firearm they are         looking for.
Communicating primarily via email and phone calls, with cheerful and energetic enthusiasm to serve and solve.
Filling out Federal forms and calling in NICS checks.
Operating an web store program and online shopping cart.
Filling out paperwork for transferred firearms.
Keeping a tidy and clean storefront and work space - we do not have janitors.
Helping with twice annual inventory days.

Still Sound Like You?

Please contact Cheryl Todd at auctions@azfirearms.com with your resume. We are located in Old Town Avondale at 215 E. Western Ave, Avondale, AZ 85323