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Dan and Cheryl Todd

Dan & Cheryl Todd Owners of

Dan & Cheryl Todd Owners of was founded by Dan & Cheryl Todd in 2003 and is located in Avondale, AZ. provides top-notch Quality Guns, Manufacturing & Gunsmithing Service along with great customer support – a combination that can’t be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!


Call at (623) 925-2345 today.


Dan Todd has been in the gun business most of his life and has a passion for, and an extensive knowledge of, firearms of all makes and eras. He offers a full-service gun-shop which includes in-house gun-smithing & repairs. Favorite firearm: “All of them!” Dan & Cheryl have pulled together a great team of people who are as diverse in their backgrounds and areas of interest as the items they sell in the store.

Mike Ortiz – Manager

Mike Ortiz – Manager

Mike comes to the AZFirearms Team by way of Chicago. Mike loves baseball and hockey so, naturally, he is a die-hard fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Hawks. Mike is a Marine Corps veteran and served with MAG 31, which is Marine Aircraft Group 31, a United States Marine Corps aviation group based at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina. He has a love of the culinary arts, with an emphasis on BBQ and Seafood, and he graduated from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute in 2006 with a Culinary Arts degree. He was an executive chef in restaurants within the Chicago land area for several years before deciding to shift his focus to another one of his passions, which is firearms. Mike’s interest in firearms was initially based in the history of the development of weaponry, and he has developed a passion for learning and collecting the tools he studies. Having enjoyed many Spring Training games here in the Valley of the Sun, Mike decided in 2018 that AZ would be his new home.

To contact Mike at the sales desk email him at:

Favorite firearms: 1911s and Military Firearms



Kyle Leavitt – Gunsmith

Kyle Leavitt – Gunsmith

Kyle comes to us with a long standing passion of Firearms and the Second Amendment. He started at a very young age in Santa Rosa, CA with an interest in firearms and a habit of disassembling and studying them. He and his family moved to Arizona in 1999. He joined the Marines in 2005 and is a combat veteran of OIF/OEF that worked with the Precision Weapons section in building the Marine Corps Scout Sniper systems as well as was a part of the USMC Base Camp Lejeune shooting team and Combat Marksmanship instructors out of MARSOC headquarters at Stone Bay. He continued his career in the industry as a Gunsmith for a local Arizona manufacturer after his honorable discharge from the Marines in 2009. He decided to expand his knowledge and obtained his BS Degree in Business and Federal Firearms License in 2014 as well as achieved multiple Instructor certifications from the NRA and CMP. He attended the Yavapai Gunsmithing program and continued on to train students in the fundamentals of carrying and competitive shooting for the CMP and NRA. He is an avid reloader and firearms collector, competitor and on his down time, he enjoys collecting, repairing, and restoring Arcade and pinball machines as well as racing Shifter Karts.

You can reach Kyle by emailing him at:

Favorite firearms: Walther | HK | 1911 series | Canik | FN


Tiffany Villalvazo

Tiffany Vilalvazo

Tiffany’s passion for firearms started in 2016 after an impromptu day at the range for the very first time. She immediately fell in love after shooting an M16 and she then knew she wanted to learn as much as she could about firearms and the firearm industry. Since then, she has worked in firearms sales, competed in her first 3-gun competition and has also developed a passion for hunting. Tiffany has lived in the valley since 2006. She grew up in South Phoenix but is originally from Los Angeles. When she isn’t engulfed in learning more about firearms or hunting, she spends her time volunteering at animal shelters, working with horses, or training her family’s 4 hounds.


To contact Tiffany on the Sales Floor email her at

Favorite Firearm: Mosin Nagant



Shawn Robinson – Photographer

Shawn Robinson – Photographer

Shawn’s passion for firearms started at age of 4 when he was looking through his older sister’s Service Merchandise catalog and noticed the firearms section. He thought “gas-operated” firearms required car fuel to operate. He became very curious about firearms and began scrapbooking pages from catalogs. After years of asking, his mom bought his first BB gun and many more over the years to follow. Shawn also has a passion for photography and his work has been published in 4 magazines. Shawn was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. At the age of 18, he decided to join the Air Force. During his military career in Aircraft Armament Systems, he has worked several years maintaining aircraft weapons systems. After 20 years of military service, he retired and moved back to Arizona. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys shooting, shooting competitions, photography, 3D printing, and design gadgets.

You can reach Shawn by emailing him at

Favorite Firearms: Glock 19 and NFA guns




Mark J

Mark Janco –

Mark, and his wife DeAna, recently returned to Arizona after being gone for 23 years. Mark has a diversified background, including Retail Loss Prevention Management and Founder & CEO of a corporation that designed & installed state-of-the-art electronic security systems for business & governmental agencies. Mark also invented a highly successful self-contained digital video device. While living in the eastern states, Mark opened the first outdoor walk-through archery range in Wilmington, NC. Mark has enjoyed hunting big game, as well as birding, all of his life and has also shot trap competitively. Shortly after retiring and moving back to Arizona, he became a Range Officer at Joe Foss Shooting Complex and is still there to this day.

To contact Mark on the Sales Floor email him at

Favorite firearms: Smith & Wesson





Charlie Napoli 

Charlie Napoli –

My passion for firearms began when I turned eighteen and was able to buy my very first firearm.  Coming from New York, I had grown up around people who hunted and shot frequently. I always loved roaming the woods with my family and friends, who had frequently brought hunting rifles and shotguns along to hunt and practice shooting.  My other passions include hiking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors in general.  I am also a huge fan of music and love to play the guitar. My favorite firearms include, Beretta’s 92 series, Ruger’s Mini-14, Mossberg’s Patriot bolt action series, Springfield’s M-14 and M1A series and Military Surplus Firearms.

To reach Charlie email him at






Ray Thomas

Ray Thomas

Ray’s passion for firearms started at birth, practically, when he was given a double-barrel shotgun and .22 rifle at birth (“Thanks Grandpa Thomas!”). He grew up in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen in Kentucky and firearms have been a natural part of his life. Ray’s other passion is photography, specifically photojournalism, the telling of stories through photographs. He has worked for newspapers and magazines across the country and also enjoys photographing outdoor nature scenes while on back country hiking excursions. Ray also is a Navy veteran and as a member of Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club was a photojournalist stationed in Maine where he photographed amazing service personnel doing phenomenal tasks all over the Atlantic, on both sides of the pond. Growing up in Kentucky, living in the very small town Eminence and then Louisville, his family spent every possible opportunity in nature hunting, fishing and camping and in scouting. Now for the past 18 years Ray has lived in Goodyear and enjoys the small town feeling of “down home” neighborly community found, here, in the West Valley. In his spare time, Ray teaches 3rd grade, shoots competitively with his friends, and goes camping every chance he gets.

Favorite firearms: Beretta


Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

“My passion for firearms grew out of my passion for backpacking. My father bought his first gun, a Smith & Wesson .40, after having a mountain lion walk through his camp one night. After I had an encounter with a grizzly bear while backpacking in Wyoming I bought my first gun. What started out as a practical matter of protection quickly became a passion. My background is in retail and community management. I’m a second generation Arizona native and although I’ve lived in a few other states, Arizona has always been home. In my free time I enjoy shooting, obviously, camping, backpacking, reading, and cooking. My favorite gun to date is the 10MM Glock 40MOS, but my tastes are ever evolving.”


To contact Andrew you can email him at:


Favorite firearms: Glock