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The owners: Dan and Cheryl Todd 

Dan & Cheryl Todd Owners of

Dan & Cheryl Todd Owners of was founded by Dan & Cheryl Todd in 2003 and is located in Avondale, AZ.

The owners and staff of AZFirearms pride ourselves on being the go-to store for first-time gun buyers, while also providing the finest selection of Collectible, Historic, and Class III items for the most serious and discriminating of Firearms Enthusiasts. AZFirearms provides top-notch Quality Guns, Manufacturing & Gunsmithing Services along with great customer support with the mission of offering Service, Knowledge, and Relationship to our clients and our community. 

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Dan Todd has been in the gun business most of his life and has a passion for, and an extensive knowledge of, firearms of all makes and eras. He offers a full-service gun-shop which includes in-house gun-smithing & repairs. Favorite firearm: “All of them!” Dan & Cheryl have pulled together a great team of people who are as diverse in their backgrounds and areas of interest as the items they sell in the store.


Ryan Dittrich

Ryan Dittrich

I was born and raised in Arizona and have lived here all of my life. My passion for firearms began at the age of 5 and I have been fascinated ever since! I have been shooting and collecting firearms since the age of 10. I have a passion for firearms and law enforcement, as well as cooking when I get the time!


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Favorite firearms: Sig Sauer and Glock


Mark Janco

Mark Janco

Mark, and his wife DeAna, recently returned to Arizona after being gone for 23 years. Mark has a diversified background, including Retail Loss Prevention Management and Founder & CEO of a corporation that designed & installed state-of-the-art electronic security systems for business & governmental agencies. Mark also invented a highly successful self-contained digital video device. While living in the eastern states, Mark opened the first outdoor walk-through archery range in Wilmington, NC. Mark has enjoyed hunting big game, as well as birding, all of his life and has also shot trap competitively. Shortly after retiring and moving back to Arizona, he became a Range Officer at Joe Foss Shooting Complex and is still there to this day.

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Favorite firearm: Smith & Wesson



Alex Nunez- Cortes 
Veteran – U.S. Army

Alex Nunez-Cortes


My love for firearms grew at a very young age when I shot my father’s 1911. I remember watching old western and military movies as a kid. My favorites were The Outlaw Josey Wales and Hamburger Hill. I have lived in AZ for majority of my life then decided to have a change in pace and joined the military. I served in the U.S Army for 3 years and was stationed at Fort Polk, LA. I was attached to 2nd Battalion 2nd Infantry Regiment “Ramrods” 3rd Brigade 10th Mountain Division as a Infantryman. My love for firearms grew while in the service, I carried M4A1’s to M320 grenade launchers. On my off time I’m either at the range practicing pistol marksmanship or in bed sleeping.

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Favorite Firearm: M240L



Jacky Farrera

Jackelyne Farrera

“I grew up in Mexico but moved to Texas when I was 9 years old. My passion for firearms started when my dad took me shooting for the first time at 12 years old, since then my passion for firearms has only grown. I moved to the valley in 2018. In my spare time I enjoy taxidermy, fishing, hunting and of course sending brass down range!”


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Favorite firearms: anything Glock and Kalashnikov 




Alexander Sellar 
Army Reserves 

Alexander Sellar


Alexander is an Arizona native, born and raised in the valley. His passion for firearms started when he was a youngster, watching cowboy movies and reading books about WWII. At age 17 Alexander joined the army reserves, and upon arriving back from AIT he promptly spent the bulk of his pay on antique firearms and ammunition . In his spare time he enjoys traveling around the American southwest, researching and collecting classic military small-arms, and shooting. 

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Favorite firearms: Mauser rifles 



Ray Thomas

Veteran – U.S. Navy

Ray Thomas

Ray’s passion for firearms started at birth, practically, when he was given a double-barrel shotgun and .22 rifle at birth (“Thanks Grandpa Thomas!”). He grew up in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen in Kentucky and firearms have been a natural part of his life. Ray’s other passion is photography, specifically photojournalism, the telling of stories through photographs. He has worked for newspapers and magazines across the country and also enjoys photographing outdoor nature scenes while on back country hiking excursions. Ray also is a Navy veteran and as a member of Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club was a photojournalist stationed in Maine where he photographed amazing service personnel doing phenomenal tasks all over the Atlantic, on both sides of the pond. Growing up in Kentucky, living in the very small town Eminence and then Louisville, his family spent every possible opportunity in nature hunting, fishing and camping and in scouting. Now for the past 18 years Ray has lived in Goodyear and enjoys the small town feeling of “down home” neighborly community found, here, in the West Valley. In his spare time, Ray teaches 3rd grade, shoots competitively with his friends, and goes camping every chance he gets.

Favorite firearms: Beretta


Cassie Todd-Jameson – Social Media Manager

Cassie Todd-Jameson


Cassie is literally part of the Pot Of Gold / AZFirearms / Gun Freedom Radio Family; she is Dan and Cheryl’s only child. Cassie has lived in AZ all of her life in the Litchfield / Avondale area. She was raised in the world of firearms, antiques and collectibles. Cassie loves and values our Second Amendment and loves the work her family does to advocate to preserve the right to Keep and Bear Arms. When she isn’t working Cassie spends time with her family and friends, playing board games, and traveling! She loves anything and everything Disney and visits Disneyland in Anaheim, CA as often as she can. Cassie has two beautiful daughters and is married to Jason Jameson, who also helps out in the Family Businesses with his IT background and knowledge!

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